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The Collection
What is The Baroulette Collection?
It is about taking the buying and selling experience to the next level all the while keeping it simple for you. Every real estate transaction is unique, like a fingerprint.  With the collection that process starts with us listening to you more than we talk to you.  Listening to buyer feedback and adjusting for every potential option after. Listening to owner wants and needs to best accomplish their goals in the sale of their property. 

"A way for your home to stand out in the market"

Properties that are listed with the collection we want to give the essence that they are something special. We exclusively offer services focused on your property's needs to help your home be more than just, "another one," on the list. We have the knowledge to put you in the best position in today's market.
"Walk into every door with confidence and expertise at your side"

Whether new construction or previously owned, you will walk in with a personal advocate. We have built our network and resources to give you the utmost confidence in your new purchase. The best part, as a buyer it is at no cost to you for our service.

Buyers and Sellers
"A specially curated customer service experience"

You can always expect world class customer service. We believe in through the service of others we can see a path to enligtenment. That belief has guided me in my over 20 years working with clients. It is the smiles now and in the future that we care about the most.